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Welcome to Power Kiting!

The Air Actvities team offers a range of instructor-led Power Kiting experiences to all members of Kent Scouts, from Cub age upwards.

Types of Activity

Scout Groups will choose from the following:

  • Introductory Experience - spend 2 hours learn the basics of flying power kites, giving a great introduction to the sport
  • Full Day's Tuition - a single day's tuition converting complete novices into competent buggy pilots! The morning session will teach kite flying techniques, and the afternoon will progress into onto buggies and mountainboards.
  • Free Flying - once Scouts have completed a full day's tuition, they'll be welcome join us on one of our Free Flying days. There won't be any formal tuition here, instead the focus is on just getting out there and racking up some air-time!

We will publish some public dates in the Kent Scouts calendar - however, mostly, we will take private bookings from Scout Groups. Maximum group size will be 16, minimum 10.


We have a substantial amount of kit:

  • Ozone Flow kites - 6x2m, 6x3m, 6x4m, 6x5m. The Flows are fantastic trainer kites - very stable, great flying characteristics, ideal for teaching
  • Ozone Imp Quattro kites - 4x1.0m, 4x1.5m. The Imps are for smaller youngsters and high winds... and are blisteringly fast!
  • Flexifoil Buggies - 4 off. Arguably the best freestyle buggies on the market
  • Trampa Mountainboards - 4 off. Top-end bits of kit best described as "bomb-proof" - it's our job to put them to the test!

Any active member of the Air Activities Team is welcome to borrow any equipment, free of charge. There are two provisos: you pay for any repairs, and you ensure that the equipment is available at the specified location for any booked events. Other than that, let's get this stuff out there being used and have some fun!


The hope is to recruit / kidnap a decent-sized pool of instructors, so that we don't all need to attend every event. An ideal commitment level would be one event per month per instructor. However, in the early days, it could be that Rich has to beg for a little more than that - until we get the numbers we require! Always feel free to say no, regardless of how persuasive he is... :-)

Team Trips

To make sure that our life isn't just about teaching youngsters and not flying ourselves, we'll run a bi-monthly team weekend away. There are plenty of fabulous kiting locations all over the UK - massive kite parks in Worcester, the legendary Welsh beaches, kite festivals, and even the chance to grab some kitesurfing tuition with the fantastic guys at Surface Tension who've supplied all our gear so far. So let's go let our hair down and celebrate our hard work in style!

Page last updated on 09-Oct-2009
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